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The transition from teenager to adult can be difficult, confusing and we can feel like we're stuck in a rut with no idea how to get out. Whether you're a teen, adult or elder, the reality is no one knows what the f@!$ they are doing. We're all just winging it and figuring things out along the way.


The aim of "I'm an Adult, Now What?" is to discuss a variety of topics in an honest and open manner with guests with an emphasis on the importance of healing from your past, being present, and discovering your potential. These discussions hopefully make you feel less alone in your struggles and maybe even make you laugh along the way.


Hosted by Jade Pattenden; a 'jack of all trades, master of none" currently working in Hollywood North and the Vancouver modelling industry.


Need advice? Have a comment/question/topic you'd like us to address? Listeners are welcome to get in touch. The host can give advice with the guests on a podcast episode and keep you ANONYMOUS!


EMAIL: imanadultnowwhat@gmail.com

Host Twitter & Instagram: @jadepattenden


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